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About Our Company

Power cuts are common in almost every part of India, Bangladesh and many other countries of the world. To provide people access to electricity even in the absence of the main resource, technology has offered us several Power Back Up & Solar Power Products. Our company, Lzen Electronics (India), works to make these products easily available to customers. In the legal records, we have registered ourselves as a manufacturer, supplier, trader and exporter, so that without facing any challenges we can perform and serve finest products across the markets. Some of the products that are among our hot sellers are Sine Wave Home UPS Card, Sine Wave Inverter Card, Automatic Battery Charger, CFL Lighting UPS, LED Bulbs, Battery Testers and Eco Series Inverters. Each item of our huge portfolio is engineered carefully and performs beyond expectations. We know that every application demands differs, hence we serve our offerings in a number of models, specifications and sizes. Further, our strong research & development work is our strength, as it gives us many benefits such as upgradation in the production technology & techniques, addition of new products in our gamut, and better understanding of clients' buying behavior.

Our Journey So Far

We have been running our company since 1994. It's been over 24 years of our presence in the market, and we have never disappointed our customers and fulfilled all our promises. Our abidance to these promises has enabled us earn & retain reputation in the challenging market. We have always worked with the spirit to learn new things and serve better products to the customers. The spirit has awarded us with a good name in the market, many awards and recognition certificates. In this long journey, we have always made & retained relationships with our customers, valuing them and trying to fulfill their demands in the best possible manner. Following points aptly highlight what we have done in our business journey:

  • Launched Sine Wave Home UPS Cards, Sine Wave Inverter Cards, Battery Testers, Battery Chargers and many other products
  • Multiplied our turnover with every passing year
  • Enhanced our production capacity as well as facilities
  • Hired more people in our team to perform our operations
  • Made presence in the foreign markets as well

Customer Care- Our Priority

Companies that care for their customers easily retain their customers. We are one such business house. Every employee of our company is trained to respect clients and well treat them, irrespective of the department he/she is in. Our clients are well guided before they buy any product so that they can choose the right one as per the requirement of application. Further, we never hide any charges or policy from clients, and update them about products prices, exchange & shipment policy, return policy and all other business terms & conditions right before having any financial transactions with them.

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